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Policeman nabs a wanted criminal after both accidentally meet in the Gym registration queue

01, Jan 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. On the night of December 31 every year, pubs and restaurants all over the world see an unprecedented rush. Somehow, people manage to recover from the festivities of the previous night and the next day. it’s the turn of the gymnasiums to see a huge crowd of people lining up. Losing extra weight and getting back in shape is everybody’s favourite new year resolution. But today we learnt that Gym registration can actually turn out to be a boon for the society. A policeman was able to nab a wanted criminal just because they both were waiting in the queue for the gym registration.548756025

Jagdish Malik was on the run for almost 3 years now and there were cases of robbery piling up against him. Police was not able to trace him down and all efforts were going down the drain. But just like all people, even Jagdish had taken the resolution to become fit in the new year and so went to the nearby Gym for the yearly membership. Soon he realized that a police inspector was just behind him in the queue. Before he could escape the situation he was nabbed by the policeman and taken into custody.

If you are also one of those people who have planned to finally make 2019 the year to get in shape by signing up for a gym membership on the first day of the year, here’s some advice for you: Think hard. No, I am not asking you to give up on your aspirations of getting a toned body. All I am saying is do not get a gym membership on an impulse. But my advice to the policemen would be to go for the membership as it helps nab criminals too.