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Politician lauded for his generosity after he paid the toll tax

03, Jun 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: A Gurugram based politician (name withheld on his request) has stunned his entire fraternity by paying the toll fees at a toll gate near the capital earlier today. This act of great generosity has been lauded by all and people are queuing up outside his home to get a selfie clicked with the historic toll receipt.


Indian politicians, from the Prime Minister to an independent candidate in a Panchayat election, are all exempt from paying toll. If some unfortunate ignorant toll booth employee asks a politician for toll fees by mistake, he is duly reminded of this rule by politicians by beating up that toll booth employee. Some reports have shown that manning a toll is the most risky job in India, marginally ahead of Siachen posting for soldiers.

That is why this act of paying toll by a politician has surprised one and all. Toll employees across the country are wondering whether they can safely ask for toll fees from politicians now. Quite a few of them are waiting for PM Modi to issue a clear notification in this regard.

Speaking to Faking News, the generous politician said, “Well I reached this toll gate, this guy asked me for 35 Rs and I paid him but while I was collecting the receipt, he saw my Khaki Kurta-Pajama and asked me if I am a politician. When I replied in the affirmative, he came out of the booth, held his ears, and started apologizing. I told him there is nothing to apologize but he started crying after hearing that and then started calling everyone in the vicinity to show them that a politician has paid toll. It quickly went out of hand and now I have a mile long queue outside my home of people who want to take a look at the politician who paid toll.”

“I have put the receipt in a glass case outside so that they can take a selfie with it, but most of them also want to take a look at the politician who paid toll. I didn’t know I was going to become 2019’s Anna Hazare by simply paying the toll”, the politician added.

Meanwhile, all other politicians are planning to beat this guy up for defaming politicians and giving wrong impression to the countrymen.