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Politician promises to resolve Bengaluru traffic mess if elected, gets invitations from Comedy Clubs to perform there

28, Feb 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Bengaluru: A politician from Karnataka has become the most sought after stand-up comedian among the comedy clubs of the country. This happened after he claimed that he will resolve the traffic mess in the city of Bengaluru if he wins his seat during the upcoming Karnataka assembly elections. Addressing a rally in the city, the politician (name hidden on his request) made this claim after which the entire audience actually started rolling on the floor laughing. Now all the comedy clubs are trying to get this comic genius to perform at their shows but he hasn’t accepted any offers yet.

These scenes will be a thing of the past very soon!

Speaking to Faking News, the politician said ,”Things have been terrible since I made that speech, I am being constantly hounded by these comedy clubs everywhere. What is so funny about what I said? I just promised there won’t be any traffic jams in the city if I win and everyone started laughing. Hell, even my own party’s members sitting on the stage started laughing. Since then, crowd at my rallies has just kept growing but they all keep shouting during my speech requesting me to tell the traffic joke.”

When we asked if he has a plan to tackle the problem of Bengaluru’s traffic ,he said ,”Of course not. Which politician prepares a plan before promising something to the people before the elections? Let us win the election, then we will think about our promises and whether we have to fulfill them or not.”

After that, we got out of his car at Silk Board junction and returned to our car parked a few meters behind in the traffic jam.