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Politicians cutting across party lines ask for removal of ‘honest’ politician who deposited just 1% in his account & rest in party’s account

31, Dec 2016 By dasu

New Delhi: Recent media reports stated that a politician has deposited old 500 and 1000 rupee notes worth just about a crore and half in his personal account whereas more than 100 crores he deposited in party’s account. This un-politician activity has not gone down well among his peer circle. Many cutting across party lines have severely condemned the politician who has committed this mistake.

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One of the senior politician spoke to us on the condition of anonymity. He said, “There is no pressure from RBI that you need to get certificate from bank officials to deposit the money. Toh Yeh mistake kyon hua. Initially I thought may be due to nervousness and heavy rush at the banks, person while depositing cash might have mixed up his own account number and party’s account number. But that’s not the case. I came to know he has deposited in party’s account in five to six installments. Such mistake from a senior person, definitely brings down the market value of our profession.”

The politician said, “Before I blame the person, I would like to question the high command & office bearers of the party who inducted him. Looks like a case where proper KYC (Know Your Colleague) norms or proper background check were not followed.”

The senior politician added, “Our profession has many intangible benefits, that’s why IITians are joining our profession. Can you tell me a profession that is there in India where you and your team can spend 1.2 crores only on chai and samosa in one and half years and yet no taxpayer who has paid for it will ask you a single question about it?”

We spoke to Enforcement Directorate official who found this during his routine investigation. He said, “I have asked for CCTV footage as well as his KYC documents from the bank to confirm the identity of the person. We will hand over the case to income tax department after we get a doctor’s certificate that his mental state is still fine.”

In the meantime, Axis bank is looking to hire the bank employee who ‘did’ the work without creating a fuss about it.