Poonam Pandey was wearing a face mask, but not on her face: Police Insider reveals after arrest of the actress

11, May 2020 By yogy

Poonam Pandey has been arrested for violating lockdown rules. The actress was caught by Mumbai Police while driving along Marine Drive in her BMW.

Sources say that there several counts of infractions, one of which was the actress not covering her face with a face mask.

Poonam Pandey

Cops have detained her and insiders say that she would be subject to questioning jus like Arnab Goswami.

Apparently the model was only wearing the facemask, when the cops stopped her car and asked her to roll down the windows.

“First, she violated the lockdown rules without a valid reason. Second, she was not wearing a facemask. I mean she was wearing one but not covering the right place. I mean she was covering the right place but it was not serving the purpose. I mean it was serving the purpose but not the right purpose,” said a confused senior police officer while speaking to our reporter.

In her defense Poonam said that  she was trying to create awareness about the pandemic in her own inimitable style. “All I wanted to do was to let people know how deadly this disease is and the importance of wearing a facemask. So I wore it to cover my body. Like you know, lingerie,” she remarked.

When questioned if wearing a facemask to cover her face would have been a better idea to pass on the message, the actress replied, “I do agree, but when people look at me, they dont look at my face. So I put the mask where the chances of them noticing the facemask would be higher.”

The excuse however did not cut ice with the authorities. For now cops would go ahead with the just the questioning, charges if any will be framed later.