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"Poor equipment and lack of training key to crushing Naxals"

13, Apr 2010 By Cynick

New Delhi. Dismissing criticisms that inferior equipments and lack of training were the reasons behind the fatal ambush of 75 CRPF personnel in Dantewada, a senior Government official in the Home Ministry has instead claimed that the provision of defective and outdated arms was actually a strategy deliberately employed to combat the growing Naxalite menace, although the policemen have failed to realize the strategic advantage they possessed.

“The Naxals always end up looting and pilfering our arms and ammunition, and this is the reason we give our police force and constables the most outdated and ancient weapons that we can. They (the police) need to realize that it will be much easier to crush the Naxalites once they have such inferior arms in their possession”, the official said.

CRPF men killed by Maoists
Indian government maintains that it's winning the war against the red terror

When asked about the issue of poor training, the official was reluctant to expose such highly thought out offensive strategies but relented in the end.

“The lack of effective training is a mask to draw the savages in and make them complacent”, he revealed. “Moreover, we also make sure our men do not have access to drinking water or medical supplies in order to further weaken the Naxal forces”, the official disclosed the killing strategy to fight Naxals.

The official explained that the police forces have learnt a lot from P. Chidambaram’s brave exhortations to stay calm and focused in such adverse situations and revealed that the personnel have been instructed to constantly repeat key Chidambaram quotes in their mind when they get ambushed by the Naxalites.

“Phrases like ‘Anti-Naxal operations are a big success and shall be intensified’ and ‘the threat is grave and I warn the Naxals against misleading the youths of our country’ have worked wonders in helping police morale. We are sure to crush the Naxals in a year with such positive attitude everywhere”, informed the official.

Outlining the plans for the future, he revealed that the intent to hoodwink the Naxalites into preparing for an air attack have been working well.

“In a recent arrest, books on Anti Aircraft Weapons and Techniques were recovered from the Maoists. This shows how successful we have been in fooling the Maoists into preparing for air attacks even though we have no such plans.” he said with a smug look on his face.

“We are winning the war, we just need everyone’s support.” reiterated the official as he switched on the news channels to know more about Sania-Shoaib’s marriage plans.