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Popular nightclub in the capital hires Delhi lawyer as bouncer 

07, Nov 2019 By @jurnoleast

A popular nightclub in the capital has ditched regular bouncers for lawyers after video of the Tis Hazari court incident went viral on social media.


Sources say that the viral clip has given a new identity to the legal community in the capital. After incident, more lawyers are being hired for their ‘protection services’ than their legal services.

Speaking to Faking News, the manager of the nightclub said, “Seriously I have not seen anyone trash Delhi police like this before. These lawyers made the cops look like high school kids. Clearly they have skill other than legal expertise. So we hired one for our club. This will also help is when cops come and harass us. If this works, we might hire more lawyers.”

Not just nightclubs, businessmen along with the high and mighty of the capital have availed the services of the aforementioned lawyers. “The same lawyer, apart from giving legal help, takes care of my security as well. Why do I need extra bodyguards then?” questioned a prominent businessman.

On the other hand, Delhi Police is finding it hard to come to terms with the embarrassment the incident has caused to the department. “The morale of the force is at an all time low. There was a time when everyone shivered at the sight of a Delhi cop. Now they just laugh at us. Some even threaten us with ‘tu jaanta hai, mera rishtedaar ek lawyer hai‘. Our image has taken a beating and something needs to be done,” remarked a Senior Cop.