Post de-escalation, Govt of both Indian and Pakistan ask Kejriwal to continue with his hunger strike for Delhi statehood 

01, Mar 2019 By @jurnoleast

Govt’s of both India and Pakistan have given the go ahead to CM Kejriwal to continue with his fast for statehood of Delhi.

Just yesterday Mr. Kejriwal had announced that he had postponed his hunger strike taking into consideration the heightened tensions between the neighbors. But after Imran Khan’s peace gesture it appears that Delhi CM may get a reprieve of only a couple of days.

In the wake of the release of Indian pilot, Ministry Officials of both the countries were seen making effort to normalize the situation in both countries. “We are making every effort that peace is restored and normalcy returns to daily life of citizens of both countries. Which also means that Kejriwal can go back to his indefinite hunger strike which suffered a roadblock,” said a Senior Official.

News Channels were seen jostling outside the fast venue to report live coverage, even as CM himself seemed to be unsure about the fast. “I have skipped reporting Taimur’s diaper changing ritual to report on the fast. I hope Kejriwalji doesn’t disappoint us,” said a news reporter.

A livid Delhi CM refused to comment on the hunger strike and instead blamed PM Modi for orchestrating the entire ‘peace gesture’. “How is it that the de-escalation happened after I announced that I’d be postponing my fast. This is some conspiracy against me. The PM must answer or resign. As for the hunger strike, I will make an announcement shortly,” he said.

Imran Khan too sent a note of apology to Kejriwal for the tension between the two countries that disrupted the fasting schedule. “Ab dono mulkon ke halaat sudhar rahe hai aur Insha-Allah Kejriwalji ki indefinite hunger strike zaroor kamiyaab hogi,” he said while speaking to Ary News.