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Pranab Mukherjee does way with NEET, but insists on having a Common Handwriting Test for entry into medical colleges

24, May 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Students across state government boards heaved a sigh of relief after it was reported that they won’t have to sit for NEET, thanks to the President. But the struggle to get into a prestigious medical institute will still need some struggle after President Mukherjee hinted at having a Common Handwriting Test for all medical aspirants.

A doctor practicing his handwriting
A doctor practicing his handwriting

Sources say that students across the country will have to appear for test that will assess their handwriting and then assess their capability.

Faking News reporter spoke to a source close to the development who said, “Students are already burdened with so many tests and there is an overload of academic material. We thought to lessen the burden on these young minds and came up with a handwriting assessment for all aspirants. This will help us in attracting the best minds in the medical field.”

When questioned about how it would attract talent, he said, “It is common knowledge that the bad handwriting is sure shot indication of a good doctor. So at the selections stage itself we would screen the worst from the rest. Besides, there wouldn’t be any pressure on students to study anything extra.”

Many coaching classes have already started batches to train students in helping students worsen their handwriting skills.

“All this while I followed cursive handwriting and it could have jeopardized my chances of becoming a doctor. So I had to join a coaching class. Hopefully I’ll get it right just in time for the test,” said Ajay Sinha, an aspiring doctor.

Ajay’s parents who themselves are renowned medical practitioners, were initially apprehensive of their sons ability to make it to a decent institute. “We are a family of doctor’s. So that was obviously a career choice for my son too, but after looking at his beautiful handwriting I was not sure he could become a good doctor. I mean it’s easy to read what he writes. Told him many times but he just doesn’t listen,” said Mr. Sinha, with a worried look on his face.

Source say that if this move is a success such proactive measures could be implemented for other fields too. “Let’s see, if this works we could have one for engineering too. Maybe do away with IIT-JEE and have a test on dating skills. The worst would obviously make it to the institute,” said senior official from the Ministry of HRD.