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Privilege motion against Gunda movie for showing a “kafanchor neta”

29, Aug 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After moving privilege motion against Om Puri and Kiran Bedi for using derogatory words against politicians, Parliament has moved another privilege motion against Mithun Chakraborty starrer classic movie “Gunda” for calling a politician in the movie as “kafanchor neta”, which literally means a political leader who steals burial garments i.e. shrouds from dead bodies.

“We realize that even if the young generation forgets Anna Hazare’s movement after two more seasons of MTV Roadies, they may not forget Gunda due to it being part of the educational culture in India,” an MP told Faking News, “So while they may forget Om Puri calling us ‘ganwaar’ at Ramlila Maidan, they will continue to see us a ‘kafanchor neta’, which is a very unfavorable description of the political class.”

Gunda movie
Experts say that legal action against Gunda and Mithun Chakarborty could prove to be as counterproductive for the government as was Anna Hazare’s arrest.

It should be noted that while Gunda was released in 1998 and is not showing in any multiplexes right now, it has got a cult status at various engineering colleges and b-schools, where watching the movie is an essential part of the extra-curricular activities on the campus for every batch.

“Oh yeah, Bachchu Bhigona was the kafanchor neta!”Amrit Kumar from IIT Kanpur correctly recalled the politician from Gunda, which confirmed the fears of the political class that the young generation remembered each and every character and dialogue from the movie.

Sources inform that the leaders are particularly concerned over dialogues in the movie like “gundagiri aur netagiri dono ek hi baap ke do haraami aulaadein hain” which insinuates that politicians and criminals are siblings, most probably step-brothers.

“Not only such statements are much more derogatory than what Om Puri said but the movie propagates inaccuracies such as a politician drinks cat’s milk in Delhi,” an infuriated MP referred to the dialogue where Lambu Aata tells Bachchu Bhigona – aye kafanchor neta, mere naam ki qawwaali gaana chhod, kaam ki baat bata, jis kaam ke liye tu billi ka doodh pee kar Dilli se aaya hai.

The movie was screened to a group of MPs last night and the leaders had expressed huge concern over the “objectionable” content in the movie.

A privilege motion was moved in Lok Sabah earlier today and notices were served to Kanti Shah, Director of the movie, and Mithun Chakraborty, who plays the role of Shankar, an upright and unforgiving character that many deem fit for being the Lokpal.

“Seriously!? If this is true, we are going to move to Ramlila Maidan for fresh protests,” Rajeev Ranjan, a Mithun da and Gunda fan from IIT Delhi threatened and asked the parliament to take back the privilege motion and notices.