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If they have a problem with Manjrekar's commentary then we can look into it, but we support Dhoni's decision to wear glove with insignia: BCCI

07, Jun 2019 By @jurnoleast

MS Dhoni’s glove has snowballed into a controversy with ICC now asking him to remove the ‘balidan‘ insignia from the glove before the next match. BCCI however is firmly behind Dhoni and has asked ICC to review it’s regulations before commenting on Dhoni’s glove.

dhoni glove

BCCI even termed ICC’s call on the glove as frivolous. A senior official from the cricketing body spoke to Faking News and said, “If the ICC wants BCCI to take action then it should come up with something credible. If they have a problem with Manjrekar’s commentary then we can definitely look into this. But for now we support Dhoni wearing the glove.”

“We received a lot of comments on Manjrekar’s commentary both from local fans as well as from outside. And that is an issue we can discuss. But clearly the glove insignia is a non-issue. If ICC is serious about the game then they should do something about the falling umpiring standards. And Sri Lankan fans turning the audience stands into an orchestra. But I am pretty sure ICC won’t do anything about it,” the source added.

The decision to retain the glove was taken at a high level meeting which saw the top functionaries of BCCI putting across their thoughts on the issue. In a strongly worded response BCCI made it clear that Dhoni’s glove would stay.

Sources say BCCI even offered to rewrite the ICC rule-book so that such issues don’t crop up in future.

There were also speculations if all this debate was orchestrated so that Dhoni could promote Kabaddi League’s ‘Le Panga’ tagline by taking panga with ICC. The veteran player however dismissed the reports.