With prohibition in effect, Bihar politicians distributing Rasna to attract voters

18, Mar 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

Patna: Prohibition introduced in Bihar by Nitish Kumar government has severely affected the campaigning for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in the state. In the absence of alcohol, local leaders are struggling to come up with ideas to attract the voters. As a temporary substitute, several politicians were seen distributing Rasna packets to people to try and “buy” their votes.


This is the first major election in Bihar since prohibition was introduced by Nitish Kumar after the last assembly election. Local politicians looked for inputs from their counterparts in Gujarat who have been fighting elections under prohibition for decades but later concluded that Fafda Jalebi will not have many takers in the state of Bihar. After that, Rasna was seen as a good alternative to attract voters.

Speaking to Faking News, a local politician on the condition of anonymity said, “Nitish Kumar Ji is a very senior politician, he doesn’t understand what all needs to be done at street level to attract voters. There were suggestions of giving cash for votes but then, after demonetisation, nobody is willing to carry around enough cash to get a decent number of votes, so we decided we must replace a drink with a drink.”

“We considered several drinks but then eventually settled on Rasna. Firstly, it is made in India so has that local touch, secondly, the orange colour drink reminds people of naarangi desi they used to drink so it connects better. We are distributing it in both, powder and liquid form to reach out to everyone and hopefully it turns into votes on the polling day”, he added.

In other news from Bihar, veteran leader Shatrughan Sinha was seen praising a bus conductor to try and get at least one ticket from someone during this election.