If Promise, Hug, Kiss, giving Rose and Chocolate is done before 14th, what exactly do you do on Valentines Day: Supreme Court asks couples

14, Feb 2020 By @jurnoleast

Concerned over the inordinate amount of time spent by couples in the run-up to Valentines Day, Supreme Court now wants to know a few things from couples in the country.

The Supreme Court responded to PIL filed by a Delhi man whose identity has been concealed. While responding, SC questioned, “Kaun hai yeh log. Kahan se aate hai yeh. What exactly do these 20 something couples do on Valentines Day if Hugging, Kissing, exchanging Rose and Chocolates is done in the preceding days. We never had any such day when we were young. I saw my wife for the first time on my suhagraat. This needs to stop and it is time the Govt steps in.”

The SC also pointed out that couples from the weaker section get caught up in ‘Valentines week’ mania and end up spending more than they should. This is sending a wrong message to the society.

Though not yet confirmed, sources say that a reply will be sought from couples and action will be taken if it is not found satisfactory. Many couples that our reporter spoke to thought that SC’s meddling into V-day events was unnecessary. “Don’t they have enough cases to look into. And who is this guy who filed a PIL. Either a mechanical engineer or some bajrang dal activist.,” remarked a 22 year old college student.

It was earlier thought that a Bajrang Dal member had filed a PIL with the sole purpose of banning V-day. However the chief of the outfit responded in negative. “Humne koi PIL file nahi kiya. Mishkil se CAA aur NRC ka full form rat paye hai. Beech me PIL mat ghusao ab.”