I promised to turn Bihar into America, see we are having floods similar to ones in US, so stop complaining: Nitish Kumar

03, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

Not particularly happy with the constant hounding by the media over floods in the state, CM Nitish Kumar snapped back at reporters at a press conference today.


Nitish Kumar said that he was doing all he could to mitigate the situation, but media needs to stop vilifying him and instead look at the brighter and longer picture.

While speaking at a press conference he said, “You guys need to stop complaining. Bihar is not exempt from natural calamities, just like other places on the planet. Even places like Mumbai and US had floods. So you see we are slowly becoming like America. Kya yeh achchi baat nahi?” he questioned.

The CM also drew parallels to bolster his case. “US has gun culture. We too have gun culture in Bihar. There are so many similarities. But nobody acknowledges it. We are slowly getting there,” he said sounding optimistic.

“My 5 year plan is to bring Patna at par with New York. Youth from the state won’t have to go Mumbai and live like second class citizens. In fact, once my plan comes to fruition, Patna will become the entertainment and financial capital of our country,” he added.

“Soon we will become cosmopolitan. Youth from Bihar wont have to go to other states looking for jobs. People from other states like Maharashtra will come to Bihar looking for jobs. All celebs and movie stars will flock to our state,” he said while elaborating on his vision for the state.

Nitish Kumar also slammed the unpredictable weather for Bihar’s predicament. He rued the fact that weather had become unreliable these days. “How dare they?– not give us an advanced warning of floods. These weather Gods should learn something from Rishabh Pant’s non-performance. Always consistent and predictable,” he marveled.