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After promising employees something ‘special’ this Diwali, IT company again gives them dry fruits gift box

17, Oct 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Employees of an IT company who were expecting something ‘special’ this Diwali were disappointed after they again received dry fruits box which they are getting as ‘gift’ year after year for so many years.

A senior employee, Umesh Desai, who started his career in the finance department of the IT company when Gyani Zail Singh was India’s president said, “Thanks to our HR department’s effort in finalizing the ‘unique’ design for the boxes every year, I can say which box belongs to which year Diwali. Sometimes I forget how many years I have worked in the company. Just by counting the stack of the boxes at my home, realize how many years of my life I have lost in this company.”

Umesh added, “Only thing that has changed over the years is box size has grown bigger, but dry fruits quantity has become lesser. For first few years my wife used to keep her daily use ornaments inside that. Now she is also fed up with the ‘same’ gift year after year. After she threatened not to show these boxes to her, I have dumped them in some corner of my house.”

“The Raddiwala who gives me so much for TOI old newspaper is not even ready to touch them. He says these plastic boxes are not eco-friendly and they are of no-use to anyone. Once I suggested my HR department why to give each year a new box, at least ask the employees to return the box after they consume the dry fruits which can be reused again next year,” said Umesh.

The head HR lady snapped back at Umesh saying, “Do not belittle our work. For three months, we work on this project called ‘choosing Diwali dry fruit box’. It seems you have no respect for ‘creativity & design’. FYI, this is our second most important project in the year, next only to decorating office during Christmas and New Year.

Before our discussion is over, Umesh consumed all the contents of ‘Diwali 2017 box’ and threw the empty box to the pile of older boxes.