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After promising free electricity to every household, PM promises girlfriend to every engineering student by 2020

26, Sep 2017 By @jurnoleast

Engineering students, especially from the Mechanical engineering field had a lot to cheer about PM Modi’s address to the nation yesterday. After promising free electricity to every household the Govt has now made up its mind to take up the cause of engineering students who perpetually keep complaining about not being in a relationship.

The initiative titled ‘Pradhan Mantri Sabko Girlfriend Milegi Yojana’ will be rolled out in a few months and the goal will be to ensure that every male engineering student has a girlfriend.

In his speech PM Modi said that it was a matter of concern that even after 60 years of Independence, most engineering students have no girlfriends. “Mere engineering ke chhatron se mai vada karta hoon ki do hazar bees tak aapka vikas hoga. Half girlfriend nahi, sabke paas hogi full girlfriend,” he said in his speech.

The announcement was met with cheer across all most of the engineering colleges including premier institutes like IIT. Some colleges even reported that students who passed out from the college earlier this year were now seeking admission back again.

Womens group were not happy with the announcement and said that it was a direct attack on their fundamental right to act pricey. With the fear that the won’t be getting the attention they have betting all along, many are now planning a social media campaign as a protest.

Congress party was quick to criticize the Govt. and said that the PM was not aware of ground realities. A spokesperson for the party pointed out that engineering field has women too and PM has clearly ignored them. Others thought that it was a subtle jibe at Rahul Gandhi and his relationship status.