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After proposing 5 yrs jail for selfies and playing cards, Indian Railways proposes death penalty for stealing mug from the loo

19, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: After proposing 5 years in jail for clicking selfies on playing cards inside a train, Indian Railways has proposed another thing, capital punishment for those who steal mug from the loo inside the compartment.

A mug-less loo

Railways is trying to stop people from inconveniencing fellow passengers and as per their research, disappearing mugs cause the most inconvenience to passengers. Stealing mugs from a train’s loo is a tradition as old as the railway network in India. As per sources, even the first train between Bombay and Thane lost all the mugs half way through the journey.

Regular train passengers have really welcomed this move with many people saying that they won’t have to control the pressure now for hours waiting for the journey to end.

“We have tried everything else, chaining the mug to the wall, advising people not to take it with them, but nothing has worked. We bought the strongest chain in the world to keep the mug tied up but people still cut through it to take the mug away. Who knows whether they travel with an electric saw or what. One guy takes away the mug and then the whole compartment suffers. We must put an end to this and maybe the fear of the death penalty will finally stop this behavior”, a senior Railways official said.

“Now we can’t install CCTVs inside the loos as that will violate the privacy of individuals so we will install a GPS tracker inside all the mugs. The moment mug exits the loo, a siren will go off in our control room and then we can follow the location using the GPS tracker. It may mean we end up spending more in catching the criminal than the cost of the mug but that just shows how serious we are about this”, the official added.

We were about to press the official more for information but just then his assistant came and informed him that someone has stolen the mugs from office bathroom.