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Protesting JNU students come dressed as lawyers to scare Delhi cops

19, Nov 2019 By @jurnoleast

JNU students protesting against fee hike were at the receiving end of police aggression yesterday. Today however these students seem to have set a different tone for the protest.


Many of the protesters were seen dressed in black robes, like those worn by lawyers, to scare cops. Around 100 students from the university were seen marching to the Parliament dressed in black and white. At first it seemed like a repeat of yesterdays lathi charge. The scene however played our differently today.

The sight of ‘men in black’ seems to have spooked the cops, who disappeared in no time leaving behind the barricades. Scores or policemen were seen running in different directions while

One such cop that our reporter spoke to was hiding behind a tree while avoiding being noticed by the protesters. “Have you not seen videos of cops being trashed by lawyers post the Tis Hazari incident. Humein aur nahi pitna. I don’t care if they are just students. Those black robes are have already given me enough nightmares,” he said, looking shaken.

Sources say that students ‘black robe’ tactic worked brilliantly after streets, earlier manned by cops, went empty in no time. Students were seen roaming the streets, with the occasional dance and chants against the fee hike, with no one to stop them.

Many lawyers were critical of this ingenuity. The Bar Council has taken notice of the incident and requested protesting students to desist from using the black robes as a scaring tactic. “While we do understand and sympathize with the students, it is not right to use the black robe like this. If you really want to scare the cops, hire our services. Pay us money and we will join your protests,” remarked a senior layer.