PSU bank employee complains of insomnia during lockdown, says he gets proper sleep only in office chair

13, Apr 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. A PSU bank employee Jagdish Malik complained of Insomnia as the lockdown period is proving tough for his sleeping schedule. Jagdish said that he got proper sleep only in his office chair and he misses it dearly. The government is trying out a process by which employees will be given their respective office chairs at home.


India is considering to allow certain types of manufacturing and services to resume with restrictions to kick-start the economy and avoid job losses. The PSU employees don’t want files or documents at their home, but they want office chairs and desk.

They normally get sleep only when they see customers in the queue. There are also chances that the government can provide a live feed of the office to the employee’s’ home so that he can see the bank atmosphere and get sleep easily.

The other issue is that of food habits. The PSU bank employees are so habituated of spending time in the canteen that it is becoming tough for them to adjust to home-cooked food. Many have requested the government if they can be supplied the canteen food on some days of the week.