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PSU Bank employee sanctions 1000 Crore loan against a collateral of 1 Rotomac pen

19, Feb 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: A local businessman left with a sum of 1,000 Crores in his bank account from a branch of a leading PSU bank in the city after leaving his Rotomac pen as the collateral with the bank. The entire transaction took only 30 minutes and the businessman was full of praise for the customer service of the bank afterwards.

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“Many people criticize PSU banks for their lack of customer service but I guess that is just a negative campaign run by Private banks”, he said, “I just went inside and asked for a loan of 1,000 Crores. They just asked me if I have any collateral to offer, I had a pen in my pocket and I offered that, they said that is good enough. After that, I was asked to sign at a couple of places on a form. They even filled all the other details themselves and confirmed the transfer of money. It was like a magic trick.”

When we contacted the bank employee who approved the loan, he confirmed the news and said ,”We don’t like to gloat about our good work but yes, we did execute this loan in record time. All the money we have is public money and we are just giving it back to public. Faster we give public their money back, better for everyone so that is why we process loans above 500 Crores on priority.”

When asked if he is worried about the man running away with the money, the bank official said ,”Where will he run away yaar, will go to London only na? That is where all our clients end up so there is no problem if another one ends up there. Anyway he has given us a pen as collateral and as we all know, pen is the mightiest weapon in the world so if he doesn’t return the loan amount, we will sell this pen to Indian Army for 1,000 Crores to cover our money.”

Meanwhile, a guy asking for a loan of 2 Lakh Rupees was asked to submit papers of properties worth 50,000 Crores to get his loan approved.