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'Public holidays in 2019' most searched term in India on 1st Jan reveals Google

02, Jan 2019 By @jurnoleast

Sunny Leone may have been the most searched celeb in 2018. But on Jan 1 2019, the adult entertainer had to take a backseat.

As per Google, Indians were searching for Holiday List 2019 on the first day of the New Year making it to the top of most searched term.

“The term gained traction around 9 am IST and reached the top in a few hours. We have a good reason to believe that it will stay at the top for a few weeks,” said a Google spokesperson.

“Long weekends in 2019 was another term that was widely Googled by Indians,” he added.

Experts say that employees are to be blamed for this as most them spend the first few day planning vacations for the rest of the year.

“Amongst employees, ones from IT are perpetually planning trips to Goa which never materialize. As per my analysis, this trend will last for a few days till the New Year hangover wears off and everyone gets busy with their work,” said the expert.

Contrary to expert opinion, some felt that this trend ought to be taken seriously. “If they are searching Holidays instead of Sunny Leone, then it must mean something. I think we as a race have evolved and sex is not a priority anymore,” remarked a historian.

Polticians weren’t happy with the news either. “Desh ke yuva ne pradhan mantri Modiji se kuch seekhna chahiye. Aaj tak ek din bhi chutti nahi li hai unhone,” said a member of the ruling party.

With assembly election scheduled in a few months, there is a high possibility that voting day might fall on a weekend and many would make a quick getaway.

Sources say that the Election Commission will take this into consideration and ensure that voting does not fall over a long weekend.