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Pushing Petrol price towards 100 to save people from the hassle of finding exact change

21, May 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has finally addressed the rising Petrol prices in the country and assured worried citizens that the government is keeping a watchful eye on the same. As Petrol prices breach 84 rupees per liter mark in Mumbai, Mr. Pradhan has said that this increase is only for the benefit of the common man.

Speaking to Faking News, Mr. Pradhan said, “One of the biggest challenges for petrol pump operators was giving exact change back to the customers. Due to lack of available change, many people had to let go of balance amount and suffer losses every time they visited a petrol pump. Therefore, our government is aiming to take the petrol prices to a flat 100 rupees per liter thereby removing the need for any change to be involved in the transaction. Take a 100 rupee note, get your petrol and be on your way. This is a very pro-poor measure that we are trying to bring.”

When asked about the people who are using cashless transactions, he said, “They are already saving so much money through all the cashback features available on every mobile wallet. Their petrol consumption is also low because they are not running to the ATMs every few days to get cash. They should not be too greedy and should pay this high petrol price for the benefit of the nation.”

When mentioned that people can reduce need for change at 80 Rs per liter as well by getting 10-liter petrol, the minister said,” Oh please. As if we don’t know how much petrol people can afford to buy in our rule. Anyone buying 10-liter petrol at one time will get a personal visit from our Finance Minister.”