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Puzzled IT engineers ask Justice Kurian, what is the big deal about working on a holiday?

07, Apr 2015 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Hyderabad: Thousands of IT engineers in India and abroad were left clueless after hearing that Justice Kurian refused to attend a conference on Good Friday.

While some easily forgot about it, others kept pondering what the big deal about working on a holiday or a festival is. One techie asked, “Last year, my Diwali leaves got cancelled at the last moment because client’s dog sneezed. We postpone Holi celebrations to the nearest weekend because my employer does not provide leave on Holi and people have problem attending ‘All expense paid’ conferences where they don’t have to do any work! I heard that there was a dinner invite too. Kuch nahi to non-veg aur free daaru to hogi hi na? Fir bhi mana kar diya? This is unbelievable.”

Another one quipped, “My manager doesn’t think twice before cancelling my leaves if my work is pending; how many cases are pending in Indian courts? Millions!!! On one hand we crib that country is years behind other developed countries, on the other hand we don’t want to do any extra work.”

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He may now claim how IT engineers are danger to secular fabric of country.

However not everyone was critical of Justice Kurian. A well-known Bollywood celebrity, who has a court hearing pending in tax evasion case, lauded Kurien. “Why is this fascist government pushing people to work? If the conference was scheduled on a weekday, the hearing of my case would get postponed to next available date which is in July next year. I can finish shooting of 3 more movies till that time. Post that I am ready to go to jail since I am anyway planning to take a well-deserved break. Everything will just fit very nicely in my schedule.”

Some babus in government office also didn’t like Kurian’s stand of not working on holiday. Ram Khilawan, an RTO clerk cribbed about having too many festivals and holidays in government calendar. “I hate holidays. Each day the office remains closed I lose out on Rs. 5000 (100 Rs/file). RTO should work 365 days/year.”

Karim, a rickshaw puller and a daily wager reacted sharply on the issue. Karim said, “Khali fokat time waste nakko karo yaaro. Ye bade bade logaan, 2-4 din kaam nahi bhi karte to inko parwah nahi. Maine subah rickshaw nahi chalaya to sham ko mere bacha log ko kuch khane ko nahi milta.” Unaffected by Karim’s cold response Shaitaan Khopdi™ tried to push his agenda further and asked Karim if he would consider signing a online petition by ‘Rickshaw pullers Union’ to declare Festivals days as holidays for all daily wagers, he gave us a dirty look and left.