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Queen Elizabeth offers to hand over Kohinoor if Indians accept that Root is better than Kohli

19, Apr 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

London: Hope for return of Kohinoor diamond has been rekindled in the hearts of Indians after Queen Elizabeth offered to return it voluntarily. As per a royal press release, the diamond can find its way back to India if Indians accept that Joe Root is a better batsman than Virat Kohli.

Kohli or Kohinoor, what will India decide
Kohli or Kohinoor, what will India decide

Earlier, many Indians had given up hope after the Government argued in Supreme Court that Kohinoor was given as a gift to Queen Victoria and it wasn’t taken forcibly.  Kohinoor is the world’s most famous diamond and was mined in Andhra Pradesh many centuries ago.

Speaking to the press, a representative of British Royal family said, “India can have its Kohinoor back but they must accept this condition of ours. Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan should personally come to Buckingham Palace, apologise for his tweet on Joe Root and accept on the behalf of Indians that Joe Root is the best batsman in the world at the moment, better than Virat Kohli.”

“Queen Elizabeth is very passionate about Cricket and she wants to see England as the best team in a sport that we invented. After a long time we have a side good enough to be the best in all 3 formats but repeatedly hearing that Virat Kohli is the best batsman irks her. She believes that Root is better and she wants it acknowledged by the Indians as well”, the representative added.

When Faking News contacted Queen Elizabeth to confirm this news, she said, “Yes I have made this offer. I don’t need any diamonds now. At my age, every piece of glass looks like a diamond. Next 2 in line for the throne are William and Harry and they can’t wear that crown with Kohinoor since no man is supposed to possess it. I do want to hear that we have the best batsman in Cricket though so as long as they accept my demand, I will return the diamond.”

When we reminded the Queen that Charles is next in line, she said, “Oh he will never be the King, he is our Advani. He is destined to spend his life waiting for the crown and then watch it pass on to his protégé”