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Quota activist stops consuming milk products to stay away from anything “creamy-layer”

28, Mar 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: Veteran quota activist and minority rights evangelist Animesh Bhasudia shocked his twitter followers yesterday evening by tweeting that he would not be consuming any milk products ever in his life again. This tweet led to a lot of heated arguments among his followers on twitter, speculating that Mr. Bhasudia is now planning to leave his fight for minority groups and will be switching over to cow rights and other animal right causes.

Bhasudia however deleted that particular tweet later and clarified through further tweets that his original tweet was being misinterpreted. He clearly stated that he is discontinuing the consumption of milk products because he wants to stay away from anything that generates a creamy layer. He also assured his followers that he is still committed to the cause of discovering newer communities to join the list of communities that would be needing aid and help from government to flourish.

Bhasudia's latest agenda.
Bhasudia’s latest agenda.

Our reporter caught up with Mr. Bhasudia for an exclusive interview at his Bungalow in New Delhi.

FN Reporter: Namaskaar Mr. Bhasudia

Mr. Bhasudia: Morning, morning.

FN Reporter: Sir, you openly declared on twitter yesterday and said that you won’t be consuming any milk products from now on. What was all that about?

Bhasudia: Oh that innocuous tweet was blown out of the proportion by some zealous followers. I explained that to everyone yesterday itself. What I meant by that tweet was that I hate any kind of conversations about creamy layers hence I want to stay away from any type of objects that generate a creamy layer.

FN Reporter: But why do you hate the creamy layer so much?

Bhasudia: Do you ever drink milk? How exactly do you feel when a glass of milk is kept outside for a few minutes and the cream starts floating on top of it? … I’ll tell you how I feel. I feel disgusted. I feel like the environment has sucked up a part of the amount of milk I wanted to consume and now I have less milk left to consume. I just hate the whole procedure. It feels like someone has undermined my rights to completely consume a resource. Because when I own something I want it completely, without any clauses, laws, rules and checks etc.

FN Reporter: Hmm. So you have left the consumption of milk all together?

Bhasudia: Nope, I have moved onto Soya milk now, a higher quality resource, no one can steal my rights from me now. Not even the creamy layer can.

FN Reporter: Do you know that a private jet also leaves a “creamy layer” of smoke behind when it flies?

Bhasudia: I don’t see how this question is related to anything?

FN Reporter: What I meant was that you own a private jet. Are you going to let-go this jet as well, on the same grounds as milk products?

Bhasudia: No well .. what kind of question is that? Ok let me clarify .. see I am letting go of things that I myself possess, the jet is actually a gift … from the people who love and respect me and my social activism. How can I let go of such a precious token of love? So I’ll keep that.

FN Reporter: So if someone gifts you a glass of milk, technically you can still drink that, because that is a gift?

Bhasudia: I will, definitely will drink that, I simply cannot reject a gift. I love gifts and freebies.

FN Reporter: Quite serious thoughts there. So if I just summarize it correctly it all boils down to the fact that you wish to own a resource completely without any conditions or checks, and that’s precisely the reason why you are so much against the creamy layer which takes a part away from the resource which you own.

Bhasudia: Absolutely, you summarized it pretty well.

FN Reporter: The followup question then is, why do you want to own that resource completely, without any questions being asked to you?

Bhasudia: I just want to, it belongs to me.

FN Reporter: But why? Who says it belongs to you solely?

Bhasudia: I think you should be leaving now.

FN Reporter: Well I still have few questions left.

Bhasudia: I think it was a mistake to have you here.

FN Reporter: Sir? .. Mr. Bhasudia?

Mr. Bhasudia promptly kept down his microphone and left the room without completing the interview. Our reporter was then politely escorted out of his bungalow. Later this evening Mr. Bhasudia tweeted the following to his followers:

“Dear Media,

I may be a foodie, but my food habits should not be a matter of national importance.

~ A crusader of fairness and equality.”