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Rahul Gandhi resigns as the admin of Congress' WhatsApp group, senior leaders urge him to come back

27, May 2019 By @jurnoleast

Post the election debacle of the Congress party, a livid Rahul Gandhi offered to resign as the admin of Congress’ WhatsApp group. While relinquishing the post of admin, Rahul made his displeasure evidently clear at the CWC meeting and said, “I no longer want to continue as the admin of this group.

Rahul even questioned those in attendance on their participation in the group chat. “When I shared the ‘chowkidaar chor hai’ slogan on the group, how many of you replied back or even appreciated my creativity. How many of you forwarded that message in your other WhatsApp groups,” he questioned angrily as senior leaders were seen looking for a place to hide.

Insiders say that Rahul is no longer part of the group and party members were doing everything possible to make him reconsider his decision. P Chidambaram, who was first to respond on Rahul’s call to resign as admin spoke to Faking News and said, “It’s true that we have failed him. As an admin he has shown tremendous leadership skills. Each day I used to look forward to his Good Morning messages that had wonderful motivational quotes. I am sure other party members too would agree. Without him, the group would cease to exist.”

Priyanka Gandhi has refused to intervene and says she stands by Rahul’s decision. “It is for the senior leaders to introspect,” she said.

It is not yeat clear if Rahul would take back his resignation and take control of the group as admin once again.

But ruling BJP too seemed concerned as Rahul’s resignation from key Congress leadeship posts could hurt the BJP’s prospect in the next elections.