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Rahul Gandhi vows to marry if Congress is voted to power in Uttar Pradesh

13, Feb 2012 By Mouthful

Amethi, Uttar Pradesh. In an unprecedented move by arguably the most famous bachelor of the nation, Rahul Gandhi has announced in one of the election rallies here that he would marry someone from Uttar Pradesh if Congress comes back to power in the state. Congress had the last government in the state way back in 1989.

While no one is sure how this announcement could help Congress win the assembly elections, party leaders are claiming that Rahul Gandhi has played a masterstroke.

“BSP and BJP, with bachelors like Mayawati and Uma Bharti leading them, are out of race now,” claimed Digvijay Singh, Congress general secretary and in-charge of UP elections.

“SP is also out of race because Rahul Gandhi ji will marry,” he added, without caring to explain.

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi was showered with rose petals as soon as he announced his intentions to marry

The announcement by the crown prince has pushed the state Congress unit into ecstasy as the national media grabbed the news and made it the biggest headline of the day, something that Congress leaders believe would inspire the citizens into voting for the party.

NDTV ran a show to guess the name of the bride while the female journalist who reported from the rally point went so ahead to even predict the first letter of the future son’s name – R.

“Madam Sonia Gandhi is so happy with Rahul Baba’s announcement that she had tears of joy in her eyes,” Congress leader Salman Khurshid claimed, which was further repeated by various news channels and made into a breaking news.

“I never said she cried; she just got emotional over the news,” Khurshid later clarified after Digvijay Singh disputed his claims.

Party leaders from the state claim that Rahul Gandhi could marry anyone – caste, religion or region was no bar. It could be a Muslim, Dalit, or a girl from Bundelkhand. However, leaders were angered when Faking News asked if this meant Congress didn’t believe in reservations and treated everyone equally.

“There would be reservations, but we can’t say anything over it right now as model code of conduct has been enforced by the Election Commission,” a party leader finally clarified.

Congress party is expected to gain hugely from such comments, experts believe.

“If Rahul Gandhi gets married, there would be huge celebrations all around the state, rather country, for sure,” said one of the experts, “The citizens could expect free food for some days and might vote for the party to get Rahul married.”