Rahul tears into Govt, says 'opening wine shops is half-hearted, who will provide chakhna'

05, May 2020 By yogy

Bringing relief to many across the country, Govt finally eased restriction on wine shops at several places.



Serpentine queues of tipplers were seen pushing and shoving each other as they desperately tried to lay their hands on their favorite spirit.


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi however was not pleased with the Govt. Rahul lashed out at teh center for their half-hearted attempt and called it a farce.


Speaking to Faking News Rahul said, “I have always said that this Govt is suit-boot ki sarkaar. They don’t think about the common man. Govt has opened wine shops, but who will provide chakhna. Drinking without chakhna is like Rohit Shetty movie without Scorpio.”


“But honestly I am not surprised. This Govt is known more for such antics than actually doing something for common man. Now people will be left with lots of alcohol but nothing to munch along with it,” he added.


When questioned if his Govt would have done things differently, Rahul said emphatically, “Of Course – Absolutely-Bilkul. Our strategy would have been different. We would have empowered every drinker with enough stock of Haldirams.”


There were speculations that similar to paying for train tickets of migrants, Congress party would pay for the snacks of those wished to have them. There was no official confirmation by the party on this though.