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Rahul's gmail inbox flooded with travel offers from popular tourist spots after exit poll 

20, May 2019 By @jurnoleast

The exit poll numbers are out and is they are to be believed, BJP is all set to come back in power this time around too. As for the Congress Party President, it is being speculated that Rahul might jet off to a tourist destination outside the country to escape post result madness in the media.

Sources from Congress say that Rahul’s inbox was flooded with travels offers from exotic foreign destinations the moment exit poll numbers were flashed on TV screens. “Around 50% of those mails were of discounts on travel to Bangkok. Many offering group discounts and family packages too,” revealed a source.

It is not yet clear if Rahul would go ahead with Bangkok or choose a more tropical destination like Maldives. Not just Rahul Gandhi, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal too is expected to take a few days off after exit polls predicted a complete rout of AAP in Delhi.

Senior leaders from Congress questioned Rahul’s timing of vacation and were left wondering as to why he did not delete those emails. However, spokesperson Randeep Surjewala was quick to defend Rahul and said that the party President had done all the hard work for which he deserved a trip to unwind. “Rahulji has toured the length and breadth of the country while campaigning during elections. Now he needs to travel the depth and height of Bangkok to recharge his batteries,” he said.

BJP too was in favor of Rahul Gandhi taking a vacation. “Rahul should definitely take a vacation to Bangkok to recharge himself. We need him 2024 too,” said spokesperson Sambit Patra.