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IT raids an engineer's house after he ordered Pizza during the last week of the month

23, Aug 2017 By Guest Patrakar

New Delhi: If you think getting a Job and a girlfriend is the only problem an engineer has to deal with, you should think again. Last month, the Income tax department raided an engineer’s house after IT officers were informed that the engineer had ordered pizza in the last few days of the month.

Dinesh Saluki, working in a famous IT company was raided as soon as he ordered Pizza from Dominos. Ironically, both Dominos and IT department got to know about the order at the same time but IT officers managed to reach before pizza delivery guy.

Dinesh and his friends initially denied but after few minutes pizza delivery guy knocked the door and the students were caught red-handed.

Mahesh Paisani, the IT officer in a press conference said, “We had our eyes set on him from past few month, we first doubted him when one of our officers saw him with a girl. We were shocked, we couldn’t believe our eyes, and how an engineer can afford a girlfriend in such a low salary. Since then we have been tracking his phone. How can an engineer afford a luxury like pizza and that too in the last week of the month is our question.”

Dinesh has not made any statement after the incident but if his roommates are to be believed, Dinesh has a second source of income as he works as a freelancer too. Dinesh takes contract of getting likes on a girl’s posts and photos on Facebook. For the same purpose Dinesh has created more than 500 fake Facebook profiles and he charges as high as ₹1 per post.

Social media had a mixed reaction on the news, One of the users tweeted, An engineer having pizza during the last week of the month is as believable as Rahul Gandhi not making any mistake in his speech.

Another user tweeted, “An engineer having pizza during the last week of the month? If this is not acche din I wonder what is.” 

We have often seen people begging for likes on their Facebook posts, such as “1 Like 1 Prayer”, “Hit like to save the child”. We believed that such posts are fake, but Dinesh’s incident has proved us wrong. Likes on Facebook posts can actually feed a needy.