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IT raids an engineer’s house after his salary lasted till 30th November

04, Dec 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Every criminal thinks he is smart enough to duck law, but the reality is that you can only hide from it but cannot escape it. Same happened with an IT engineer, Vijay Challya when Income Tax department raided his home after his bank balance didn’t become zero on the last day of the month, i.e. 30th November.

Vijay works as a software engineer in a Bengaluru based firm. Reportedly, Vijay has a girlfriend and smokes and drinks as well. But what caught IT department’s eye? What made Income Tax raid an engineer’s house?

Well, Rajogopal Satish, Income Tax officer told us the whole story. Mr Satish said, “Ever since the Pan cards got linked to Aadhar we can track any transaction, we have noticed that are numerous instances that show Vijay is spending more than he’s earning. Vijay has employed a maid for all his work, now tell me how can an engineer afford a maid? Our conviction got stronger when Vijay’s colleagues told us that Vijay never asks for a drag of their cigarettes, in fact he buys a new packet almost every other day.”

Soon after his colleagues information, we tracked Vijay’s past six month bank transactions and realized that Vijay has multiple sources of income that doesn’t reflect in his IT return form. Along with Vijay’s colleagues, the company in which Vijay used to work also helped IT department in nabbing him. Vijay has been arrested and charges against him will be framed on Wednesday. Sources say that Vijay may get stronger than usual punishment since he has a girlfriend too.

Faking News reporter spoke to Vijay’s boss Maniratnam who said “I have always been suspicious of his activities. I didn’t give him good increment after I realised that he has a girlfriend and he often orders food from outside. I had no idea how he has been managing all this?

Will Vijay be able to justify his expenses or will he face the penalty for earning money in India, despite being an engineer remains to be seen. Keep reading Faking News for more updates.