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Railway Board Chairman asks passengers to use toilets before boarding the trains

01, Aug 2017 By dasu

Mumbai: Railway Board Chairman after asking rail passengers to carry home cooked food is now suggesting them to use hygienic toilets at home or outside before they board the trains.


We spoke to Mr. S.K. Gupta railway board member who was present in the board meeting where these two suggestions came from the board chairman. We started by asking “when CAG report does not talk about the state of toilets inside trains, what was the need for this new suggestion?”. Mr. Gupta replied in a nonchalant way only a senior government officer can only do.

He said, “we don’t care about CAG report for that matter any report. Over the years, so many committees have been formed, so many reports they have submitted, what happened to them. They might be lying in some corners of a government building”.

“Our current chairman sir is different. He wants to be proactive, wants to be ahead of the curve all the time. We all have travelled in trains, have used toilets inside, the condition and the smell that comes out of it is not a mystery for any of us. Why would we give chance for any passenger to tweet about it, write bad about it? This will unnecessarily bring bad name to a well-run organization like railways”, said Mr. Gupta.

Mr. Gupta added, “What do you think, we do not want to improve the state of the pantry cars or toilets? There are certain things nothing can be done. That’s why we have to get over these problems by avoiding them. Avoid rail food and as much as possible avoid rail toilets too”.

Mr. Gupta said, “Railway has so many problems to solve. We have prioritized and the most important ones are being worked upon. Like Ritu Beri designed uniforms for on-board staff. New designer blankets which will look good even if we do not wash them for a decade also”.

When we asked, people travel for so long in trains, how they will avoid toilet usage, Mr. Gupta said, “They need to be mentally strong and practice. We have asked Baba Ramdev if there are some asanas which will help our passengers in this endeavor”.