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Railways discontinue newly launched train after it was not vandalized even after a month

20, Dec 2018 By @jurnoleast

It has been a rough quarter for the Indian Railways this year. With Passenger traffic at a record low, the railways had to deal with double whammy. A newly launched train between Delhi Agra has not been vandalized even after running for a month.

“No shattered glass or torn seats. Not even a scratch. We introduced this train as gift the people and this is how they express their gratitude,” said a distraught Railways Chief.

The Railways say that they have done whatever they could have to encourage people to vandalize. “Our driver were told to reduce speeds so that vandals go get enough time to aim stones. We even provided sharp objects to passengers so that it is easier to rip cushions,” said a Railways spokesperson.

With around 10 new trains slated to be launched in the coming months, this news doesn’t bode well for the railways. The organization is now engaging the services of a third party which will be given the contract of vandalizing new trains.

The vendors will ensure that none of the seats are in pristine condition and at least a few windows bear shatter marks. Railways have also hired a research agency to find out why the peoples attitude towards railways have changed. “On a regular basis we keep announcing that ‘Railway aapki sampatti hai’; Still the response from passengers is not encouraging. We want to find out what could be done so that people don’t have second thoughts about picking a stone and hurling it,” said a highly placed railway official.

This issue has also affected the morale of railway employees. The Railway Employees Union has called for 31st Decemeber as black day and asked employees to refrain from celebrating the New Year.