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Railways introduces reservations in queue to book Tatkal ticket at counters

09, Jul 2012 By Venky

New Delhi. After IRCTC announced that online Tatkal booking will start at 10 AM instead of 8 AM, which will apparently make user experience better, Indian Railways has decided to make offline i.e. ticket booking at physical counters easier as well.

Railways has decided to make user experience better by implementing facility for reserving slots in the queue that builds up at various Rail Reservation Counters for booking Tatkal tickets in the morning. This facility has been named as Tatkal Queue Slot Reservation System (TQSRS).

Tatkal queue
A normal queue to book Tatkal tickets

People, many with their families, start queuing up outside reservation counters as early as 7 PM the previous evening. The counters open at 8 AM, which will now open at 10 AM, and all Tatkal tickets are sold within minutes. Many touts are also suspected to be standing in the queue that gives no chance to an aam aadmi.

“We were receiving many complaints from passengers that touts, with the help of local police, get into the reservation queue the previous night and they sell the slot in the queue for Rs. 200 and 300. As Indian Railways doesn’t want to miss any business opportunity, we thought of streamlining this process and make it official with the help of the same police,” said Tatkal Singh, a senior official of Indian Railways.

Railways will now open counters similar to the regular reservation counters; one can wait in a similar queue and get a TQSRS ticket for the next day. A form to be filled in by the passenger providing details such as date of booking, reservation counter name, name of the passenger/applicant, senior citizen, etc.

Indian Railways has decided to keep the price at Rs. 250 per TQSRS ticket.

The passengers with confirmed TQSRS ticket can then go to the reservation counter as late as 9.45 AM and stand in the queue at their allotted position. They won’t need to stand the whole night or wake up early in the morning – bringing huge relief to the aam aadmi.

However, when Faking News went to take a photograph of a newly opened TQSRS counter, our reporter could see people waiting from previous night to get a confirmed TQSRS ticket.

“We know that it might not be sufficient, so we will gradually introduce customer friendly facilities like e-TQSRS ticket, Wait Listed TQSRS tickets, and RAC TQSRS tickets,” informed Tatkal Singh.

“Indian Railways believes in innovative solutions,” he added.