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After Railways, now Sulabh Shauchalay introduces surge pricing, will charge more for emergency

11, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Delhi: After surge pricing in taxi services and Indian Railways, another service is about to introduce surge pricing, Sulabh Shauchalayas. Sulabh has decided to introduce surge pricing and will now charge a person more if a person appears in great hurry or his face shows that he is under great pressure.

Surge comes to Sulabh!

Sulabh runs public toilets across the nation and provides pay and use facility to everyone. The organisation is a non-profit one but to cut down on their losses, they have decided to introduce this surge pricing policy.

“Our losses were becoming a bit too big for us to handle. We were wondering how to counter that while still providing good, clean toilets for the public. That is when we saw that Indian Railways is going to introduce surge pricing, and we had our solution. Nobody provides more essential service than us, I am sure people will not mind paying a little extra in case of an emergency”, a Sulabh official said.

Further, he added, “Railways has always been our main competitor so we keep looking at them for ideas. All our volunteers will be trained now so that they are well equipped to decide whether surge pricing applies or not in individual cases. Generally, man’s face betrays the inner turmoil and pressure he is experiencing, so face reading is an essential part of this training. If they see a person in that agitated state, they will have to charge more. Of course normal demand and supply rules also apply so if the toilet complex is full, with a long queue waiting, and a person really has to go, he will have to pay surge pricing. Simple economics”, the official added.

When we asked the official whether they are exploiting desperate people who have nowhere else to go, the official replied ,”Arey who said they have nowhere else to go? I told you that Railways is our biggest competitor. There is no monopoly here.”