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Railways to hire ballerina's to teach Mumbai local commuters to stand on their toes in crowded trains

25, Feb 2016 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: Mumbai local commuters had some of their expectations from the Railway Budget  met after Railway Minster Suresh Prabhu announced that he had an ‘out of the briefcase’ plan to ease the crowded commute in local trains.

Finally a place to stand in Mumbai local
Finally a place to stand in Mumbai local

A million commuters heaved a collective sigh of relief at the very thought of not having every inch of their body squeezed

Speaking exclusively to Faking News the Railway Minister said, “I am well aware of the problems faced by Mumbai people. I have experienced Mumbai local during my struggling days. I remember crowd surfing and being thrown out of the train, when I boarded a crowded Virar local and wanted to get down at Andheri. Now all that will be history.”

Sources within the ministry revealed that around 10 ballerina’s from China have been roped in to impart training. “China too has this problem of crowded trains and we have successfully dealt with it using this method. There is no doubt why it shouldn’t work in India,” said Ung Lee, China’s top ballet instructor.

Back in Mumbai, there was palpable enthusiasm among people, many of whom lined up to equip themselves with ballet lessons in the hope of a comfortable journey.

Our reporter visited one such ballet workshop where around 100 commuters, wearing their ballerina shoes, tried standing on their toes.

“I think this is a wonderful idea. Now finally we can stand in local trains, even if it’s on our toes. I hope they also teach us how to run on our toes and catch a train,” said Ajay Shah, a daily commuter, as he showed us some of his ballet skills.