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As rain water floods construction sites in Gurgaon, builder brands the project as "Sea View Apartments"

31, Jul 2016 By Gaurav Mittal

Gurgaon: The millennium city, well known for the highest number of pigs and SUVs per hundred people among all cities in India is on the receiving end of Monsoons. Rains have been harsh on Gurgaon and its roads as roads have turn into rivers.

Millennium City

There is water logging and heavy traffic jam everywhere. Many constructions sites are also affected by this spell of rainfall which is normal statistically but still above average for the infrastructure in place.

However, every adversity provides an opportunity. One of the builder took advantage of this water logging situation and has branded his under construction project as ‘Sea View Apartment’. The project earlier called ‘Gurgaon Heights’ is being constructed by Dhokha Developers. It was struggling for advance bookings but after being rechristened as ‘Sea View Apartment’, it is getting huge response from home seekers who dream of having an apartment in Gurgon from which one can get a sea view.

Mr. DeDunga Dhokha, head of Dhokha Developers spoke to us and explained how it all happened, “Couple of days back, there was heavy traffic jam on Gurgaon roads so instead of going to my office, I visited the site of my state of the art project, Gurgaon Heights. I was surprised to see the whole site inundated with water. At that moment I realized that we have not built any drains.It looked like a sea out there and that is when I got this brilliant idea.”

“Then I thought of this brilliant idea of branding this project as Sea View Apartment. Now I feel proud to be the developer of first project in Gurgaon which will also have a sea. Till now, even DLF and Unitech could not manage to build Sea View Apartments in Gurgaon but we have it.”

On learning about this development, Chief Minister of Haryana, Mr. Khatar expressed happiness and announced gift of five dolphins to Dhokha Developers to be kept in the sea around Sea View Apartment