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Rains to arrive 5 days late, Opposition blames PM, say Modi's 'cloud-radar' comment hurt the feelings of monsoon clouds

16, May 2019 By @jurnoleast

The Met Department today predicted the late arrival of the monsoon this year. The department said that rains would arrive 5 days late in Kerala. But even this seeming harmless prediction quickly turned political after opposition parties blamed PM Modi for monsoon delay.

modi tensed

Leaders from major opposition parties remarked in unison that PM’s earlier comments on ‘clouds and radar’ were the reason monsoon would be arriving late this year.

Leading the criticism, Mamata Bannerjee said that the feelings of Southwest Monsoon winds were hurt because of PM’s comments. Mamata was referring to comments that went viral on social media and quickly became fodder for memes.

“The monsoon clouds are hesitant to arrive in the country for the fear of being mocked at. Modi’s comments have embarrassed everyone including clouds. He must apologize immediately,” she said while speaking at a rally.

BSP leader Mayawati too expressed concern over rainfall. “Baarish nahi hogi toh kisano na bohot nuksaan hoga. Yeh sarkaar aam aadmi ke hit me kaam nahi kar rahi hai. Desh ki junta inko 23 tareek ho jawab degi,” she said when prodded for comments by our reporter.

Met Dept tried to depoliticize the situation by releasing a statement on the delay, which clearly pointed out that factors other than PM’s comment were responsible for the delay.

That however did not appeal to Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Rahul was on campaign trail when our reporter questioned him if the PM’s comments could influence the monsoon. In a candid tone Rahul said, “Clouds are like humans. They have feelings. If they are hurt they won’t come to our country. It won’t just affect farmers. It will affect the IT industry. Because without clouds we won’t have cloud computing. That will kill the economy.”