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Raj Babbar beaten up for paying only Rs 12 after having lunch in a restaurant

25, Jul 2013 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Congress spokesperson and Bollywood actor Raj Babbar was today beaten black and blue by bouncers of a small restaurant in South Mumbai when he tried to leave their premises after paying only Rs 12 for having a sumptuous meal there.

The actor had gone there to have a late lunch after he was left totally tired and hungry justifying his “Rs 12 for a meal in Mumbai” claim to several News Channels throughout the day.

Onlookers present in the restaurant say that the hotel staff appeared extremely delighted to see a personality as big as Raj Babbar entering their restaurant for what looked like a lone outing. They were looking forward to give him the best possible experience and in the end were also looking for an opportunity to click a photograph with him, which they would then frame and put it in their Hall of fame.

According to the manager who was attending to Raj Babbar, the actor started his lunch with a soup followed it with starters which was followed by a main-course and ended it with a banana split ice-cream (little did he know that his bones would be split later).

Raj Babbar
A file photo of Raj Babbar before the incident. The photo after the incident can jolt the daylights out of our readers.

“And even before we could present him the bill he took out 12 rupees from his pocket and gestured to me to collect it. We were initially confused and thought if Raj Babbar was asking us to get a cigarette, paan, or vada paav for him from outside. But things turned nasty when he got up and began leaving the premises,” the hotel manager recalled.

“When we tried to stop him, he said he will click photographs and sign autographs some other day as his schedule was pack for the day. But we told him that he was being stopped to pay the bill and not for autographs! Following this, he became angry and argued that the meal couldn’t be more than 12 rupees in Mumbai.”

“We realized that he was trying to act smart and sent our bouncers after him to collect the total bill of Rs 2864 that he owed us. When he refused to budge, we had no other option but to rough up with him,” the manager explained how the situation turned ugly.

The actor was later admitted to Breach Candy Hospital only after his wife convinced the hospital authorities that they would pay whatever is the actual expense instead of any absurd figure that her husband comes up with.

An unrecognizable Raj Babbar, who is now recovering and in a state of shock, told Faking News, “This is gundagardi. I even left a hefty tip of 5 paisa over and above 12 rupees. I did not wait for the bill because I was on my way to buy a 2 BHK flat in Colaba for Rs 24,000 rupees and was getting late to meet the broker. Now I will take up the matter with the high command and hopefully we will see the Youth Congress shutting down the restaurant by evening.”

Meanwhile ex-BJP President Nitin Gadkari was seen roaming streets of Mumbai to look for the restaurants that offer meal for Rs 12.