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Raj Thackeray razes the compound wall around his building to prevent any CBI officer from entering his house

23, Aug 2019 By @jurnoleast

Hectic activity was seen outside Raj Thackeray’s residence in Dadar after he returned home after 9 hours of questioning by the ED. Along with MNS workers who had gathered to welcome their leader, there were also few JCB machines.


It was earlier thought that these machines were brought for Janmashtami to raise the level of the handi. But it became apparent that they there for a different purpose. No sooner Raj returned from questioning, a JCB started clawing into the walls.

Cops had a tough time with the crowd as MNS workers along with those who wanted to watch JCB ki khudai started swelling up around the site.

Party insiders say that the razing of the walls were direct orders from Raj himself who took the decision after images of officers scaling P Chidambaram’s house were flashed across news channels.

Sources say that CBI has found itself in a fix as many of their officers had practiced wall-climbing and took pole vault lessons to ease their job of reaching any accused. “Though we don’t have any particular orders against Raj, this could definitely make our job difficult in future. Getting to Chidambaram was a piece of cake as we were trained to scale walls. But if Raj Thackeray has really demolished the compound wall, then we may have to think of another strategy,” revealed a senior CBI officer.