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Rajiv Gandhi IIM at Shillong definitely world-class: Digvijay Singh

24, May 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After union environment minister Jairam Ramesh claimed that the faculty at IITs and IIMs were not world-class, senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh has begged to differ a little. The former Madhya Pradesh CM has claimed that while the first six IIMs were not be world-class yet, the seventh IIM at Shillong, named after Rajiv Gandhi, was definitely world-class because it was named so.

“IITs and IIMs are the results of the vision Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru had for the modern India. He created these institutions through acts of parliament around 60 years ago to be world-class, but the successive governments failed to do their duty until the seventh IIM was named after Shri Rajiv Gandhi,” Digvijay Singh claimed, expressing deep anguish that none of the IITs were yet named similarly.

Digvijay Singh
Digvijay Singh showing the tried and tested way forward to become world-class

Mr. Singh claimed that in order to realize Nehru’s dreams of having world-class educational institutes in India, the government should immediately take over the management of all the existing and proposed IITs and IIMs and name them after members of the Nehru-Gandhi family, apart from implementing world-class government policies in their day to day functioning.

“I even disagree with Jairam Ramesh that all the students of IITs and IIMs are world-class,” Diggy Raja further claimed, “In fact, I have specific information and phone call records to prove that many of them support BJP and RSS, especially online. To the best of my knowledge, only students residing at Nehru Hall of IIT Kharagpur are anywhere near world-class for obvious reasons.”

To support his argument, Digvijay Singh has challenged Jairam Ramesh and union HRD-cum-telecom minister Kapil Sibal to disagree with his assertion that naming institutions after a member of Nehru-Gandhi family was an exercise in futility towards achieving world-class status.

Both the cabinet minister refused to comment when Faking News tried to get a response.

“I told you so; they agree and I’d soon meet them with my proposal,” Digvijay Singh said, with a smile.

Sources suggest that Digvijay Singh has proposed renaming IIM Ahmedabad after Indira Gandhi and removing the name “Ahmedabad” as it gave it a “communal” color and was the biggest roadblock in the way of the institution becoming a world-class b-school. Unconfirmed sources suggest Digvijay Singh could further propose Rahul Gandhi’s name as the new Director of IIM Ahmedabad.

While the political reactions were on expected lines, students at IIM Ahmedabad, who consider themselves world-class or at least the best in Asia-Pacific, have rejected Digvijay Singh’s ideas as “ridiculous”. Students are confident of coming up with a PowerPoint Presentation and Excel Sheet to “upgrade” their faculty to be world-class.