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Rajnath Singh: People who make videos will be given preference for a job as they require it badly

06, Oct 2018 By Guest Patrakar

New Delhi: Launched in 2014,’s popularity has been increasing ever since. The app allows users to create videos of their choice using various filters and speed options. It hasn’t even been a year since was launched in India and it already has more than 15 million registered users. Youngsters are spending so much time on the app that they don’t care whether they need a structured career or a job. The types of videos doing the rounds make one believe that they are shot by people having too much time on their hands.maxresdefault (4)

But every negative aspect comes up with a blessing in disguise. The registration number is helping the government to find out the unemployment rate in India and to track its behavior. From lip-syncing, vines, to dancing, stand-up comedy, and makeup videos, has a huge pool of talent. Govt now wants to use the database to make sure that a person is actually jobless before granting him a mainstream govt job. The new process would demand the fresher candidate to show 2-3 videos recorded on the app to prove that currently he/she is not working anywhere else and are in a true sense the jobless community of India.

It appears that is to the Gen Z what YouTube was to the Gen Y. Even though the most common age group on is 12-25, it is not limited to that. Aged people are also making videos and they should keep making them in fact, because based on the latest government decision, they can, in fact, apply for the role of a fresher for any government vacancy. will soon become the Aadhar card of the job market. Show videos and take a job.