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After Sachin Tendulkar's singing debut, Rajya Sabha to have regular singing sessions to get him to attend Parliament

03, Apr 2017 By @jurnoleast

Rajya Sabha will soon have singing sessions amidst debates in a bid to lighten up the mood and also to get Sachin Tendulkar to attend the Parliament. With and attendance of 5.5%, the cricketer has the worst attendance record in the Parliament.

Sources say that singing session could interest Sachin,who recently showcased his skills as singer by collaborating with Sonu Nigam. Speaking to Faking News, an MP who didn’t wish to be named said, “Acha nahi lagta ki jiska cricket me itna acha record hai, uska Parliament me itna kharab attendance record hoga. You find him everywhere but the Rajya Sabha. So we thought of having singing session to get him to at least attend a few sessions.”

Prominent Parliamentarians welcomed the move and said that the move will also help liven up the otherwise dull debates in the house. “So of these debates can be so boring. We have to resort to adjournments just to catch some fresh air. I remember the debate on farm loan waiver almost put me off to sleep. At least a few songs now and then will keep us awake,” said an MP.

Sachin has not yet responded to the latest development but sources say that the ace-cricketer might consider the opportunity to belt out a few of his compositions. However, audience members will have to purchase tickets for the event, just like a concert.

Though many questioned if it would be better for Sachin to give up his Rajya Sabha membership that having him sing, senior leaders from political parties differed in their view and said that it was imperative for MPs  to come forward and show a different shade of their personality.

Earlier too there were suggestions of having reality show on the lines of India’s Got Talent for politicians that will showcase the talents of the country’s political class.

“Most people think that politicians are good for nothing. But they are sadly mistaken. Our MP’s are highly talented. It’s just that they need the right platform. If you recollect last week Mr. Gaikwad demonstrated his talent when he hit the staffer 25 times with his chappal. I mean don’t you think he’s got some serious skills with his chappals?” questioned Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan.