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Ram Janambhoomi case won’t be heard in February as it is good weather to sit outside and eat moongphali: Supreme Court sources

29, Jan 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: A Court Case that has lasted longer than all Balaji serials combined, is set to get another extension as Supreme Court is unlikely to hear the case during the month of February due to the weather conditions. As per Supreme Court sources, February is the month of nice, gunguni dhoop and the perfect weather to sit outside in the sun and eat moongphali so nobody has time to hear any trivial Court Case.


Though nobody alive knows when the Ram Janambhoomi case started in Indian Courts but as per archaeological findings, the case was first filed on a stone tablet as paper was yet to be discovered when the court case started, and it is set to see its 10,000,000th delay.

Speaking to Faking News on the condition of anonymity, a Supreme Court said, “Look, the case has already been delayed so many times, even over trivial reasons. Sometimes, the bench that was constituted had to be reconstituted before any hearing, then a Judge had to go on leave so what is another delay? At least the reason this time is genuine, nobody likes to sit inside when there is crisp winter sun outside and tasty nuts to be eaten.”

When asked if the case will be heard after February, our source said, “March looks difficult, Supreme Court has to decide how to celebrate Holi. April, May we have elections so everyone will be busy with that. June and July are the summer vacations, August, September we have Monsoon so everyone will be busy with tea and piping hot pakodas, October, November will be spent in deciding how to celebrate Diwali, December we have  Winter vacations, January is too cold to do anything, February we have again this crisp sunshine, the calendar is jam packed but we will see what we can do.”

Meanwhile, Ayodhya residents are ready for political tourism with the Lok Sabha elections on the horizon.