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Ranbir kapoor starts fake fight with Raju Hirani to get invitation for Baba Siddique's iftar party for patch up which would help Sanju's promotion

29, May 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Known for his links with Bollywood celebrities, Baba Siddique also made news when he reportedly got Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan into a much talked about patch-up hug in 2013 after years of apparently frosty relations. There’s something so warm and magical about either Siddique Bhai or his iftar parties which just makes people forget all their bad blood and animosity and get sucked into this wonderful spirit of great bonhomie. Baba is the city’s favorite when it comes to initiating patch up between high profile celebrities.


Baba has been called to various strategic meets to carry out the patch up process between different nations. His legendary peacemaking prowess has been used by various institutions to initiate peacemaking process between the fighting parties. Ranbir Kapoor surely has full confidence in Baba Siddique’s news-making skills. There are rumors that Ranbir has started a fake fight with Director Raju Hirani so that Baba would invite both to patch up at his iftar party. This would help Ranbir in getting free publicity for his upcoming biopic on Sanjay Dutt titled Sanju.

Ranbir Kapoor has released a video in which he is seen shouting at Raju and abusing the acclaimed director. He is making all efforts to make the news reach Baba Siddique’s ears. Baba also has a big opportunity to come to the limelight as he was not in news since the last 2-3 iftar parties where he didn’t carry out any patch-up work. Faking News team will make all efforts to cover the full iftar party and we promise you to convey the Ranbir-raju patch up story if at all it happens.