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Ranveer-Deepika to have an additional reception in Ahmedabad, BJP says it has no role in the couple's decision 

23, Nov 2018 By @jurnoleast

After ticking off Bengaluru and Mumbai from their reception venues, recently wed Deepika and Ranveer will have one additional and final reception at Ahmedabad. Spokesperson for the couple said that the Ahmedabad reception will be for those who couldn’t make it to the earlier events.

ranveer deepikaMany say that the last minute decision was at the behest of the ruling BJP, but the party denied any role in influencing the couple. “Why would the party want a reception in Ahmedabad. To please Modiji? That ridiculous,” said spokesperson Sambit Patra as he took some off from attending TV debates to speak to our reporter.

There were speculations that PM Modi might attend the wedding along with other prominent politicians, however organizers of the event say otherwise.

Congress Party was quick to latch on to the opportunity to criticize the ruling party and said that the PM needs to do something about his Ahmedabad fixation. “Seems like they want to shift the national capital to Ahmedabad. From Bulllet trains to Bryan Adams concert, everything seems to have an Ahmedabad connection. And now this reception. Arre baaki desh me koi jagah nahi hai kya,” said a senior leader from Congress Party.

Meanwhile, the couple have refrained of speaking on their latest reception invite turning into a political debate but have assured that the Ahmedabad reception will be their last and have no plans to cover other cities in the country. “This is not an election rally or a music concert that they have to cover the entire country. Just one more and they are done,” said a close friend of the couple.