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Rare Indian wedding, baratis not saying groom’s brother and bride’s sister made for each other

22, May 2017 By dasu

Lucknow: In one of the rare Indian wedding ceremony, none of the baratis at least those who spoke on camera did not say groom’s brother and bride’s sisters are made for each other.  

The wedding planner, Madan Sharma, who was expecting he will get another immediate business opportunity from the same two families was doing his best to promote both the youngsters.

“While working on current project, I always look for people around who can give me immediate future projects. Among all, brothers & sisters of groom and bride remains under my direct radar all the time,” said Madan Sharma while speaking to us.

Mr. Sharma said, “For the first time, I spotted these two nice looking youngsters standing with rest of their family members on engagement day. I helped them to open up a little bit by doing a small little photo session when their brother and sister getting engaged. I brought them repeatedly to stage on sangeet day, played ‘didi tera devar deewana’ number of times. Little bit of chemistry was definitely building up between them. I was quietly confident come the wedding day, the baratis will do rest of the job.”

“But I was shocked to find a bunch of ‘hopeless’ baratis. Like any ‘normal’ baratis they were drinking a lot, wasting food and passing comment how everything is so substandard here. But they were not at all saying anything on these two youngsters, even after their opinion was shouted for.”

When we asked Sharma, baratis might not have noticed them. “No, they were not blind. A large screen was placed next to Pandal, they saw everything out there. One cameraman was posted exclusively to cover these two only.”

Mr. Sharma said, “Only support I got from was from the Pundit. He did not even know the names of these two youngsters, but he was saying loudly, how he has seen their horoscopes and it matches in every aspect. They will make a great pair”.

Dejected Sharma left the wedding venue hoping next time he does not come across such baratis in his life.