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Rat found in mid day meal taken into custody, cops question it for 4 hours

04, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

Increasing instances of rats ending up in mid-day meals in UP school has got the local administration worried. Few days back a dead rat was found in the meal served to school kids. In second such incident of a vermin ending up in meals, a live rat was found in the khichdi served in a Govt school in the state.


Images of the food served to kids quickly went viral on social media, which pushed the school authorities to start an investigation into the case.

Sources say cops arrested the rat from the kitchen just when he was about to scurry away. A case has been lodged against the rat for trespassing the school kitchen.

“We have questioned the rat for 4 hours and are trying to extract all the information we can. We need to find out the exact chain of events on how the rat ended up in the dal. Clearly it is the rat’s fault,” remarked a department official.

When questioned if the contractor responsible for serving food to the kids would also be hauled up for deficiency of service, the official said in an irritated tone, “Arre jab bata diya na ki ye saari kartoot chuhe ki hai. Toh baar baar kahe pooch rahe ho.”

Sources say that the contractor has been given a clean chit in the case. Cops believe this is the same family of rats that had a few months back guzzled 10000 litres of smuggled alcohol from a police station in Bihar.

Cops have also not ruled our narco-analysis of the rat for a water tight case. The rodent will be produced in the local court next week.