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Ravi Shankar Prasad asks HR to make rangoli competition compulsory for all departments to boost economy

22, Oct 2019 By sameer mahawar

The Union Minister of Law, lately known for providing his two cents on the health of Indian economy, has come up with another idea to boost up the demand in the retail sector. He has recommended that HR should make it compulsory for all the departments to participate in rangoli making competition in the Diwali season falling this week.


“Our ministers, apart from snubbing policies adopted by Nehru, Manmohan Singh and Raghuram Rajan, have made few policy changes to boost the demand. But the immediate effect is not that much visible. We tried to study what more could be done to revive the ailing business conditions during the festive seasons. Our ground reporter Anjaana Om Mody visited various companies and was stunned by the contributions made by the HR departments. The zeal and enthusiasm shown by them while making rangoli is as good as reviving the animal spirits in the organizations. They need so much of material to decorate their cabins and make rangolis which genuinely raises the demand of required material in the market. Thus, if one department can contribute so much, wonder how much could all the departments in all the Indian companies could contribute to our economy,” said Mr. Prasad and went to Rashtrapati Bhawan to issue a notification in President’s name by himself.

“We know only two type of people can get any type of work done from anybody. One is obviously our Mota Bhai and other being an HR. Their orders, however impractical and unfruitful, are hardly denied or challenged. It has been also proposed that apart from using natural colors, employees should be encouraged to use cow-dung to give different shades this time” said a non-government official.

This recent news has brought a spine chilling effect in the corporate sector and many employees are feared being absconded to avoid forced participation which they couldn’t avoid at the time of demonetization.