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RAW clueless about the elusive officer who has been screwing Pakistan

03, Sep 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After Pakistan blamed terrorist activities, internal unrest, cultural degeneration, faltering economy, massive floods, and now match-fixing on the Indian intelligence agencies, RAW has been desperately trying to spot that person or group of officials within their ranks, who have been consistently screwing Pakistan on all possible fronts.

Members of the Pakistani society, establishment, military, and media have been coming up with these accusations against Indian agencies in the past few years, which has now pushed RAW to do some soul-searching.

“Well, if they have maintained this line consistently for so many years now, maybe they are right.” said K C Verma, Director, RAW, as he trawled through heap of files scanning profiles of all the official, secret and alleged members of RAW, who are working round the clock non-stop to destabilize Pakistan and screw its happiness and prosperity.

Veena Malik
Some in Pakistan believe that Veena Malik, the ex-girlfriend of Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Asif, could also be a secret RAW agent

Mr. Verma had no success even as he went through the files and profiles of hundreds of persons that included secret agents in Pakistan, whose contributions to the intelligence gathering activities were even more secret.

“Look at this guy called Abdul, whom we had sent to spy in Pakistan three years ago. He’s now nicely settled in Karachi and running a profitable business of selling pirated CDs and mobile MMS clips. Yesterday I asked him to send some updates and he sent me a clip titled veena_malik_hot_mujra.mp4! What am I supposed to do with that?” Mr. Verma flashed one of the files with anger and frustration.

With a sigh, Mr. Verma recalled that much of the Indian spy network in Pakistan was destroyed under General Zia’s regime and a covert counterintelligence team directed against Pakistan was aborted on the orders of the then Prime Minister I K Gujral in 1997.

“All that was left in Pakistan was officers like Madhuri Gupta, who were in fact spying for Pakistan!” rued Mr. Verma, adding, “But I’m really keen to know who these guys are, who have been consistently carrying out one operation after another under our name.”

“You know, it’s so much like that movie Kranti, where both Dilip Kumar and Manoj Kumar were screwing the British under the same name.” Mr. Verma thought for a while and didn’t rule out existence of a breakaway faction of RAW in Pakistan, with no official connection with the Indian agencies.

“Yes, non-state actors.” said Mr. Verma.